25 Cool DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad’s special day is right around the corner, so check out these Father’s Day gift ideas and start making one or two for him now!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank1. Rustic Popcorn Sampler

Rustic Popcorn Sampler | Cool DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here’s a delicious gift for Dad we’re sure he’ll love. Not only is it delicious, but popcorn is also a healthy snack full of fiber.

It will definitely show him how much you care.

2. Faux Copper Book End

Faux Copper Eagle Bookends | Cool DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Bookends are a classic gift, but something you make on your own will be more appreciated.

Make a faux copper bookend for a vintage look. We’re sure it will take a special spot in his office table or bookcase.

3. Beer Bottle Glasses

Beer bottle glasses | Cool DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

For a dad who loves their beer, this craft is perfect. With all the bottles collected, it’s time for a recycling project.

Make glasses from those bottles for his very own collection.

4. Homemade Hot Sauce

Hot sauce recipes | Cool DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

If your dad loves spicy food, then he’ll appreciate any of these homemade hot sauces. Whip up a bottle of homemade hot sauce to spice up your Father’s Day celebration.

5. “My Dad Rocks!” Father’s Day Craft

| This is why we craft. Even simple rocks can make the best gifts. For Father’s Day, this simple and witty line with the rock frame is sure to brighten up his day!

6. World’s Greatest Pop Gift In a Jar

| Add a little humor to your gift by putting items with “pop” in the name. Get it? If you want to customize it, feel free to put anything Dad may need that you can fit in your jar.

7. DIY Shaving Oil

| Be creative with this super simple gift for Dad. It makes for a silky smooth aftershave which we are sure your dad will appreciate.

8. You Are My Superhero

| Here’s a simple and easy Father’s Day craft the kids can make. There’s nothing better than a touching keepsake.

9. Funny Spatula

| Give this funny gift for your Dad who loves to grill (or loves funny puns). It’s also a great gift for a dad who doesn’t want anything or who has everything!

10. I’m Nuts About You Dad

| Your dad will go nuts over this DIY gift idea for sure. Give him the gift of a good laugh along with a simple snack for a day he will always remember.

11. DIY Beer Soap

| Beer isn’t only for drinking. You can make homemade beer soaps too!

We’re sure your Dad will appreciate this soap which helps prevents acne and oiliness − a common problem in men.

12. DIY Father’s Day Handprint T-Shirt

| This could be a last-minute gift idea for Father’s Day but it doesn’t mean it’s not special. We are sure this T-shirt with the handprints of everyone in the family will be his new favorite!

13. Father’s Day Magnet Board

| Give your father his own Instagram magnet board he can take to the office. Pick his favorite family pictures for this project.

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14. Vintage Record Clock

| This vintage record clock is an awesome upcycling project perfect for your dad’s man cave. It will be something to always remind him of you.

15. Father’s Day Mugs

| Personalized mugs are a classic gift for all occasions, so give your daddy or husband one! Let your kids do the art for a really personalized take on this classic gift.

16. Dad’s Stache in a Jar

| If your dad has a sweet tooth, he’ll go gaga over this mason jar with all the sweet treats.

It’s a super easy gift idea also perfect for last-minute preparation. And don’t you just love the pun on the label?

17. Father’s Day Gift – He’s One Smart Cookie

| Let your little ones have something to give their daddy. Simply print this line on a paper and make envelopes.

Put a cookie in each and let the kids each present one to daddy − the smart cookie.

18. Father’s Day Pop Box Set

| Another sweet treat gift idea to show how much you love Dad. It’s a mini beer tote with sweets-filled mini bottles to boot!

19. Father’s Day Trophy

| Recognize how awesome your Dad is by making him a DIY trophy. You can even put on a program for him to award him with this distinction!

20. The Gift of Time Together

| Time is gold and nothing makes a more valuable gift. Have more family bonding time and check out how in this super easy DIY project for Dad.

21. Father’s Day Gift Bag

| Make a paper bag into a personalized gift with this free printable. Put his favorite snacks in it to make his day extra special.

22. DIY Stamped Leather Tie Clip

| Make Father’s Day special for your husband with an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift. Make these DIY stamped leather tie clips with titles like a classy, boss, or anything you feel Dad would like.

23. A Wallet Surprise

| Surprise Dad with awesome coupons he can claim anytime. Check out for some smart coupon ideas here.

24. “The Hero” Father’s Day Gift

| This simple gift idea for Dad will make him feel like a hero. All you need is an old wooden plank, a letter board, paint, and your handprints.

25. Father’s Day DIY Coasters

| Even fathers need personalized coasters. With your family photos printed on them, Dad will be smiling with every sip of his drink.


Watch this fun video by How To Cook That on how to make DIY chocolate tools for Father’s Day:

Now you know you don’t have to spend a fortune to let your daddy know you love him. Just show your dad how much you appreciate him with any of these Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

In fact, most dads will say, “It’s the thought that counts.” Personalized Father’s Day gifts will count a lot for sure.

Whether you’re looking for easy Father’s Day gifts or last-minute Father’s Day gifts DIY ideas, we have it here. So pick one from these DIY Father’s Day gift ideas and get working!

Eyeing one or two Father’s Day gift ideas you can DIY? Share your plans about it in the comments section below!

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