Magic Johnson has been dominating the headlines since last night thanks to his decision to step down as the president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. The decision seemingly came out of nowhere as no one knew the Read more…

KL Rahul, opening the innings for Kings XI Punjab against Mumbai Indians in the IPL 2019 match on Wednesday, scored an unbeaten 100 off 64 balls. Read more:

Senate rejects bill to consider tribal convictions for repeat domestic violence offenders  Billings Gazette The Montana Senate on Wednesday defeated a measure that would have allowed state courts to hand down harsher sentences to some domestic violence … Read more:

Jockeys have high rates of concussions, but US horse racing lags behind other sports and other countries in dealing with them.         Read more:

We’re supposed to be feeling bad for poor Rep. Ilhan Omar today after the meanies at the New York Post took her entirely in-context quote about 9/11 and made it into a blistering cover that has the blue-state blue-checks in the Read more…

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