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In a speech that he made on Feb. 3 which was released over the weekend, Xi said: “Currently, we still have to deliver this year’s economic and social targets.” Read more: cnbc.com

India is going through its slowest threeyear growth period since the Asian Financial crisis. GDP growth is now estimated at 6.1% in 2018-19, 5% in 2019-20, and (according to the IMF) 5.8% in 2020-21. Is India trapped in a new Read more…

Labor Dept. stats show that despite Trump’s repeated boasts, job creation was a lot higher during Obama’s final years. Read more: huffpost.com

Well, the Jonas Brothers did warn us years ago that they “Live to Party.” Seth Meyers learned this the hard way. Read more: cnn.com

It’s not often you meet someone you just instantly click with so well there’s no doubt you’ll keep the friendship going strong for the rest of your lives. Even rarer when it actually happens and you don’t drift apart naturally, Read more…

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