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Actress Daisy Ridley, who the world knows as Rey in the Disney “Star Wars” saga, has come under fire for denying her “privilege.” In an interview with The Guardian, the “Rise of Skywalker” actress argued that her privileged background, in Read more…

Posted by Dr-Pete If you’ve been searching for a quick hack to write content for featured snippets, this isn’t the article for you. But if you’re looking for lasting results and a smart tactic to increase your chances of winning Read more…

If you think longevity solely comes down to genes and diet, think again. Read more: cnn.com

Think doodling isn’t a serious art form? Then think again. Read more: creativebloq.com

When you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you probably think of long lines and deep discounts at your favorite shop. Or perhaps your mind flashes to a crowded inbox jam-packed with offers from your most frequented e-commerce sites.  Read more…

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