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University of Tennessee turned the fourth-grader’s design into an official shirt. It sold so fast their website crashed. Read more: huffpost.com

See the new behind the scenes video: vimeo.com/49233570 Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/evosiastudios Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/evosia Website: evosiastudios.com A joint collaboration with rock / ambient / experimental band MONO (monoofjapan.com), Legend takes you on an epic 12 minute Read more…

About 68% of families in the USA have a pet, according to statistics. 36.5% of them own a dog, while 30.4% of households own a cat. It seems dogs are maintaining their position as man’s best friend, however, it turns out that owning a cat could indicate many interesting facts about their owners. Read Read more…

Maryland scientists have been warning of a growing “dead zone” in the Chesapeake Bay. Data confirms their dire warnings.        Read more: usatoday.com

Pediatricians shared disturbing images drawn by migrant children who were recently separated from their parents while in US Customs and Border Protection custody. The drawings show people behind bars and in cages. The pictures were drawn last week by three Read more…

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