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SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s presidential office says no suspicious activities have been detected in North Korea, a statement made Tuesday after reports surfaced that Kim Jong Un was in fragile condition after recent heart surgery. The presidential Blue Read more…

Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP North Korea fired three short-range projectiles into the sea on Sunday in an apparent strike drill, South Korea’s military said.  The military said it is “monitoring the situation in case there are Read more…

The South Pole is one of the coldest, driest and harshest places on earth. The Aurora Australis can be seen together with the core of the milkyway only here in Antarctica. Temperatures below -70°C/-95°F during the polar night are not Read more…

Three American crew members have died in Australia after an air tanker crashed in the state of New South Wales, where fires continue to burn out of control. Read more: cnn.com

For over a year and a half, one of the biggest names in K-pop hasn’t been releasing any music — he’s been performing military service, which is compulsory for all men in South Korea. Read more: cnn.com

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