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President Trump and members of his coronavirus task force have been focused on making test kits for the virus more broadly available in the U.S., Vice President Mike Pence, leader of the task force, said Saturday night. Read more: foxnews.com

Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the media Saturday for stoking the flames of the coronavirus panic. Read more: foxnews.com

The ‘brilliant entertainer’, aware of the tricks of his old trade, is doing everything to avoid being subject to its wiles Boris Johnson is the first British prime minister with genuine journalistic experience, having been a reporter, columnist and editor. Read more…

Hate crimes have doubled in just five years. Why did our national broadcaster uncritically tweet the vile views of a Question Time audience member? This is how racism and rightwing extremism are normalised. Thursday night’s Question Time featured a lengthy Read more…

The character flaws of the secretary of state would be grotesquely hilarious – if all our futures were not at stake Before celebrities and their publicists figured out that a goofy, faux-homeboy named Ali G was actually the smart, edgy Read more…

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