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Director Lynn Shelton, known for the films “Humpday” and “Your Sister’s Sister” and the series “Little Fires Everywhere,” died Friday at 54 in Los Angeles. Read more: cnn.com

Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre told a Wisconsin radio show on Friday that he was paid for recording public service announcements and commercials.        Read more: usatoday.com

The number 13, black cats, breaking mirrors, or walking under ladders, may all be things you actively avoid — if you’re anything like the 25% of people in the US who consider themselves superstitious. Read more: cnn.com

Jason Momoa says we can’t wait any longer … the time to address the climate crisis is now, and he’s calling on all world leaders to quit “half-assing it” and go all in. The “Aquaman” star and ocean activist addressed Read more…

Forget “Pink Friday.” It looks to be a blue Thursday for Nicki Minaj fans. Read more: cnn.com

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