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Knowing the Signs of Domestic Abuse  Action News Now Two attempted murders Monday were tied to domestic abuse. Know the signs that could save you or a loved one. Read more: actionnewsnow.com

It's not all about the trade war. Another big market risk flying under the radar could cripple the bull market, says one strategist. Read more: cnbc.com

Dick Fuld had months to come up with a solution, but didn’t make it happen. Read more: cnbc.com

According to legend, before every concert, Bruce Springsteen says to the band, “this could be somebody’s first concert, or it could be their last, so let’s give it everything we’ve got!” It sounds like something Bruce would say. It also Read more…

If confirmed, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee could shift the court more conservative for many years. Read more: huffingtonpost.com

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