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A California judge has thrown out a 2016 state law allowing the terminally ill to end their lives, ruling it was unconstitutionally approved by the Legislature. Read more: foxnews.com

Malaysia’s historic change of government paves the way for an extraordinary comeback for jailed opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim, who played a key role in helping to secure the election victory and has become a prime minister in waiting. Read more: Read more…

Alien life could exist in other universes, according to a group of scientists studying a mysterious force known as dark energy. Read more: foxnews.com

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put the wrong foot forward during his Wednesday dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when the Israeli chef served dessert in a shoe — a huge gaffe given Japanese culture’s disdain for shoes inside Read more…

Jay-Z must explain why he’s dodging a subpoena rather than answering questions related to a financial investigation of a consumer brand company that bought his Rocawear clothing line, a judge says. Read more: foxnews.com

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