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It’s up to CEOs to rise above their arrogance and stop treating coronavirus as an obstacle to revenues As America reopens for business, you might expect Jeff Bezos, the richest man in America, and his Amazon corporation, the most profitable Read more…

The Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, roughly half the size of the United States, is key to the health of the entire planet. Its trees produce an estimated 20% of the world’s oxygen, while putting an enormous amount Read more…

“Did I say that? Did I?” That was Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro talking to reporters on Tuesday morning, apparently denying what his office had told CNN exactly one hour earlier, that he would reject a $20 million pledge from the Read more…

Bolivia’s Amazon is on fire too Read more: cnn.com

Opinion: Bolsonaro’s ego stands in the way of saving the Amazon Read more: cnn.com

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