Proof Martial should never be dropped by Mourinho again

Manchester United star Anthony Martial‘s incredible form this season continued after he grabbed an important goal in the club’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal.

The Frenchman has gone to the next level this campaign with even Jose Mourinho admitting to his improvement in performances.

The winger’s displays even saw him force Alexis Sanchez onto the bench as he continued to take apart opposition sides.

Martial has been one of United’s few bright lights in an otherwise dim season and the stats prove it’s not just fans overrating him.

Despite his near perfect form, Mourinho still opted to drop him during last weekend’s 2-2 draw vs Southampton and he showed just why that should never happen again.

Anthony Martial vs. current top 6 Premier League clubs this season:

❌ vs. Tottenham⚽⚽ vs. Chelsea ⚽ vs. Bournemouth⚽ vs. Man City⚽ vs. Arsenal

More goals vs. the top 6 (5) than Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane & Sergio Agüero combined (4). 😮😮😮

— Statman Dave (@StatmanDave) December 5, 2018

Although stats can be twisted into fitting any agenda one may like to set, this particular one is impressive even if one ignores the comparison with some of the Premier League’s best.

To have bagged four goals from the flanks against the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City all in the same season in this dire Manchester United side has to be a good thing one way or the other.

Time and time against Anthony has proved that he’s the club’s deadliest finisher and now Mourinho can rely on him to perform in the big games.

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