When you think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you probably think of long lines and deep discounts at your favorite shop. Or perhaps your mind flashes to a crowded inbox jam-packed with offers from your most frequented e-commerce sites.  Read more…

Since I moved to Makati 3 years back, I’ve always enjoyed the fireworks display during new year’s eve.  Compared to … The post Makati Countdown to 2012: Happy New Year! appeared first on Asiatravelbug. Read more: asiatravelbug.com

The NBA has punished Raymond Felton, Dennis Schroder, Robin Lopez, Kris Dunn and Jerami Grant for their roles in the Bulls-Thunder scuffle.         Read more: usatoday.com

Procrastination and self-doubt are two of the biggest killers of dreams and goals. I’ve been there more than once in my life regarding some important goal I set for myself to achieve. Only when it comes time to take physical Read more…

Many comparisons have been made between wine and coffee, most often in reference to flavor profiles of the final products. However, as agricultural siblings, coffee and wine grapes also beg for… Read more: dailycoffeenews.com

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