Fleeting Light – Geminid Meteor Shower

A film shot in the High Desert of California — the Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierras, Mount Whitney, and Joshua Tree — during the Geminid Meteor Shower.

Filmed Dec. 12-14, 2010.

More info about this film: evosiastudios.com/2010/12/15/geminid-meteor-shower/

Soundtrack: Happiness – Riceboy Sleeps. Performed live by Jónsi & Alex with the Hilliard Ensemble, Latvian National Choir, Wordless Music Orchestra, and Jeffrey Milarsky (Conductor). More info about the music: jonsiandalex.com/music

Website: evosia.com Facebook:facebook.com/evosiastudios Twitter: twitter.com/evosia

Motion / Timelapse gear from Kessler Crane. Henry is a Kessler sponsored shooter. kesslercrane.com

Cast: Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia, Jónsi, sigur rós and Kessler Crane

Tags: Geminid Meteor Shower, High Desert, Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierras, Mount Whitney, Joshua Tree, Lone Pine, Timelapse and Milky Way

Read more: vimeo.com

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