A tech billionaire’s $100 million Palo Alto home set the record for the most expensive Bay Area listing in a decade in 2018. Now it’s taken a $50 million price cut.

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The most expensive listed Bay Area home within the past decade was listed for sale for nearly $100 million in June 2018. It’s since seen a $50 million price cut and is currently on the market for $54 million.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the 32,000-square-foot home at 610 Los Trancos Road in Palo Alto, California, belonged to Scott McNealy, who founded the computer company Sun Microsystems before Oracle bought it in 2010 for $7.4 billion.
He purchased the first part of the home’s 13-acre lot in the mid-1980s before having the gargantuan house built in 2008.
Take a look inside the 20-room, four-story house.
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The monumental home is nothing short of extravagant. At nearly $100 million, it was the most expensive home listed in the Bay Area in the past 10 years, according to a representative for the realtor.
REX Real Estate
The home has since seen a $50 million price cut and is listed for nearly $55 million. The home boasts 20 rooms, two fireplaces, and a pool — and that’s just scratching the surface.
REX Real Estate

Source: REX Homes

Homeowners and guests enter through an entryway.
REX Real Estate
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